Black Power Revisited: Inherit the Revolution is a transmedia project that brings together activists from the Black Power era with young adults to explore how 1960’s radical politics shaped African American identity, then and now. This site will serve as a platform for two generations to reflect on the era of radical 1960s politics, offer lessons learned, discuss contemporary issues, and share memories and contemporary experiences of activism. Anchoring this project is The Black Panthers: Seize the Time, a two-hour documentary film produced by Firelight Films that will air on the acclaimed public television series Independent Lens.


Did you come of age during the Black Power era? Did the culture of the era shape your appearance, language or politics? Upload your before and after photos or home movies and share your experience with the next generation of activists. Some of your media may even be included in the documentary film, The Black Panthers: Seize the Time.


Are you a young adult who has been inspired by the politics or culture of the Black Power era? Do you have a question for an activist from the 1960s? What lessons from the 1960s would you share with young adults today? Visit our social media outlets to post your questions or reflections and begin your intergenerational conversation today.


The legacy of the Black Power era is deeper than afros, dashikis and leather jackets. Visit our social media sites for insightful commentaries and interviews with hip-hop artists, bloggers, professors, organizers, former Black Panthers and other 1960s activists.